Open houses in Wausau

open houses in Wausau

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Open houses in Wausau

Like most residential communities, Wausau, WI has it’s share of open houses. Open houses in Wausau are held every weekend of the year. There are many advantages of holding an open house. We know that the more people who see your house, the more word gets out that it’s for sale and that it’s a great place! There is a truism in real estate – the first two weeks of a home’s listing are the most important.  As soon as we get your house listed, we will schedule an open house to target your listing and get the ball rolling. Read on to see how to make this happen.

Open houses in Wausau – how to be seen by buyers

Having been an active real estate agent in the central Wisconsin area, I have learned a few things about holding open houses in Wausau. We want to target serious buyers, so I will advertise your event in the Daily Herald Friday Home Section. Each week we buy a colored ad on page one just to advertise open houses in Wausau.  We also advertise you open house on and the Assist-2-Sell website. In my experience, open houses in Wausau work best on Saturdays, and need to be only an hour long. We are targeting serious buyers who have researched your even, not curious walk-ins.

How to target your house as a stand out among the open houses in Wausau

As an experienced Wausau real estate agent, I can give you tips on making your home look great among the open houses in Wausau and be attractive to buyers.  Of course, you want your house to be squeaky clean and tidy. You should remove photographs and personal items. You want people to think, “Wow! I can see myself living here!”, not, “I wonder what these people are like.” Make sure windows are sparkling clean and that lights are turn on in every room. Pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms. Sinks should sparkle, drains should be fresh, tile should gleam. Organized closets and a tidy garage and basement tell viewers that this is a cared-for property. A little bit of elbow grease applied ahead of your event will target your house as a stand out from the other open houses in Wausau. Get the kids involved, invite some friends to help (entice them with beer and pizza.) Buyers will likley go to several open houses in Wausau during their search for a new home, and you want them to be wowed with the condition of your property.

Call me, real estate agent Carrie Marohl, 715-571-5771, for information on open houses in Wausau.