Looking in the city of Wausau? Check out loans for downpayment assistance through Wausau Community Development!

Down Payment Plus Program throught the Federal Home Loan Bank. Rumor has it that it will be an $8000 forgivable grant to those who qualify. See this link for information!

Links to local lenders that have access to a variety of different loan programs including government low to no money down programs.

Abby Bank
Mary Litzenberger 715-241-6336

You can apply online at River Valley Bank. For questions please call Kim Susens at 715-845-5522

Associated Bank has an inhouse loan program with no PMI (private mortgage insurance). Call Randy Buchkowski for details at 715-302-0492. Apply on line!

Here are a few tools to help point you in the right direction if you are thinking about selling your house:

Things To Think About When Choosing a Realtor
Selling M yHouse – Where Do I start?
Ever Wonder How Realtors Get Paid