I know what Wausau buyers want and can match the right buyer to your home. There is a right way to prepare your home for sale in the Greater Wausau Area and I can help you do it.

With many homes for sale in Wausau, we want yours to stand out and we want to get you the best price. First, your home must be in the best condition possible. If buyers are looking for a “fixer-upper”, they expect it to be a screaming deal. That translates to low price. Most buyers want a home they can move into and enjoy right from the start. Your home must be in good mechanical condition and look good – clean windows, de-cluttered rooms, organized closets are what potential buyers will be looking for. Your family photos will make them wonder, “What kind of people live here?” You want them thinking, “I can see myself in this space!”

We want your house to stand out as a great choice among the many homes for sale in the Wausau area. Spend a little time and effort to make that happen. I can help you assess your property and give you ideas to get the best price possible.

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